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This Blog is Completely Dedicated to all those Twilight Die Hard Fans including Myself who can’t wait enough Till the D date November 18.

On november 18 Twilight sequel: Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be released worldwide.

I Had stumbled, by chance on the offers I’m giving on this blog ,while i was Storming over the internet to get a quick access to the latest release.I checked the offers and they seemed to be genuine to me.So i’m Sharing them.

This blog is my Thanx to all the Twilight fans for Making Twilight What it is ‘A GREAT MOVIE’

Here’s the deal my People, Till this date ,

TWO (will update the no’s as soon as i hear more offers) internet movie sites have offered to provide the Complete Dvd Box for Twilight Saga, Breaking dawn Included Within 5 Days of the release date with a whooping DISCOUNT. OF COURSE we will all catch the film on the Big Screen as soon as it hits but hey its a sweet deal better than everyone an anything else.Offers are limited in number and closes soon.

For fans only,A 40% discount for the offer plus a Two Free tickets In your nearest Theatre For the first members of the month, Including myself

 And Win a chance to meet your Favourite Couple , Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart and others in the promotional dinner.

The DVD Set will be released For the Fan subscribers at a discount within 4 days and we’ll get it by the 5th day.It’s legal and Genuine Sweet With a Discount.U have to get a fan Card after you subscribe to avail the Offer.


Welcome in advance



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